University of Louisville—Trager Indoor Training Facility

Louisville, Kentucky

This University of Louisville multi-purpose complex consists of a pre-engineered building approximately 423’ x 218’, comprising 92,000 s.f. of indoor playing area and a connected support structure. The 7,100 s.f. support structure accommodates open receiving/storage, maintenance/utility space, restrooms and office space. The facility, which is used for football, baseball, soccer and softball, has a clear width of 202’ and a clear length of 402’8” and 65’ tall. Raised observation decks allow a full view of the playing field. A four-lane sprinting track, pole vault area and long jump pit are located adjacent to the football field.

The site design features an entry plaza zone with an entry awning that rises above the roof plane, signifying the importance of the entry area and recalling similar elements elsewhere in the stadium. The entry zone is also linked to the stadium’s main circulation nodes via walkways, lighting and landscaping.